Acquire distance to create perspective.

Move beyond the marketing & business chaos

by understanding why people do what they do.

In business as in life influence is everything, yet nobody likes to feel they are being sold to or coerced into a decision, therefore we must be elegant in our approach.

Everything we do and everywhere we go there is a need to manage people plus our own EGO and bias to be truly effective in influencing the situation to our advantage. However, this is not to imply that there is an underhand approach or an overtly aggressive attitude to be employed.

With the application of Human Behavioural Insights, it is a heightened awareness of what is unfolding in front of you and a realisation that the unwanted and unhelpful actions of others do not need to absorbed as a personal attack.

Learning to observe another’s actions as doing the best they can with what they have, enables you to take a more empathetic approach, while at the same time respecting and protecting yourself and your own interests.

Marketing & Business Consultancy.

Take advantage of over 20 years of experience.


Ad-hoc or Ongoing

“Is what I am creating, saying or doing, going to pull people towards me or make them take a step away from me?”

Move beyond the chaos by understanding why people do what they do. Working with you, we ensure ego and biases are kept in check to maximise the situation to you and your company’s advantage.

Team Workshops

Shared knowledge & focus

“Move beyond relentless marketing trends by understanding and applying the fundamentals of Human Behaviour”

Take greater advantage of your staffs varying skills, ideas & input with a collective focus biased towards the human needs of your audience. Understanding why a direction is being taken is far more productive than merely following the crowd.

Warren Thomas - Beyond the Chaos - Case Study


I have worked with Jon for over 10 years where his expertise on business promotion and strategy helped put HTA firmly on the map.

His willingness to work along side me and my aims has resulted in revenue in 6 figures being easily attributed to his efforts and made our promotion far more enjoyable than I thought it could be!

His insights on how people think, I believe was very significant to the promotional and marketing success of HTA. Highly recommendable!

By all means contact me for a reference – warren@hendersonthomas.co.uk

Let’s begin…

with a chat about where you are wanting to gain the upper hand, the concept is not difficult, the results are dependable, the application is straight forward and more importantly it will all feel very natural.

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