Manage high stakes by managing high emotion.

If we don’t make a conscious effort to control our own mind, actions & decisions.

Someone else will!

Discover how to adjust your marketing material and personal brand in a way that draws people towards you and your business. Apply basic human behaviour truths to increase your influence in sales meetings and during networking events.

If you are looking to competently assess and handle business situations concerning staff, clients or third party interactions without getting overwhelmed and drawn into conflicts that do not serve you or your company then Human Behavioural insights are exactly what you need.

Always keep in mind that people are drawn towards those who make them feel good, often this is overlooked in business dealings as the focus drifts to the sale or people management.

Gain Clarity. Remove Doubt. Become Empowered.

Business, Marketing and Personal Influence services all wrapped in Human Behavioural Insights.


Personal Brand Management

Be seen how you want to be viewed!

What we believe is not the priority. It is the beliefs of those we are looking to influence which matter most.

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Marketing and Promotion

Stop Reinventing and start Relating!

Clients are not value signs to be hunted down, they are people living complex lives. Market with this in mind.

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Consultancy and Advice

Win without losing what's important!

Rise above the chaos of communication breakdown with awareness & management of your own triggers & bias.

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Executive Coaching

Move beyond surface level distractions!

Intelligent decision making comes from understanding how to give others what they need without giving all of ourself.

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Warren Thomas - Beyond the Chaos - Case Study


I have worked with Jon for over 10 years where his expertise on business promotion and strategy helped put HTA firmly on the map.

His willingness to work along side me and my aims has resulted in revenue in 6 figures being easily attributed to his efforts and made our promotion far more enjoyable than I thought it could be!

His insights on how people think, I believe was very significant to the promotional and marketing success of HTA. Highly recommendable!

By all means contact me for a reference – warren@hendersonthomas.co.uk

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with a chat about where you are wanting to gain the upper hand, the concept is not difficult, the results are dependable, the application is straight forward and more importantly it will all feel very natural.

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