“Highly Recommendable”

His willingness to work alongside me and my aims

has resulted in revenue of 6 figures being easily attributed to his efforts.

– Warren Thomas – 

The client; Henderson Thomas Associates, ‘HTA’ founded in 1996. I was first introduced to Director Warren Thomas in 2011, with our initial meeting in a small attic room in Brookmans Park.

For background, Henderson Thomas Associates carries out all Building, Bridge and Rail Asset Investigations catered for across the UK, carried out by NDT & PTSI fully trained engineers, backed by UKAS and RISQS.

They provide Live Site Data as engineers carry out the program of works and get access to the HTA’s Multiple Teams who bring vital experience and flexibility to the Structural & Building Investigation world.

HTA are also introducers of the latest technology from around the globe to the UK and a focus on continual improvements that ensure our clients can make decisions quickly and with confidence ensure that HTA never take their foot off the pedal of improvement.

Newsnight with Kirsty Wark

Warren Thomas media appearances.

One of Warren’s primary goals was to improve the industry he represented. It has never been enough for him to merely run a business and make money,

Warren always wanted to leave the field in a better position that when he came to it. He is more than happy to put himself out there, sharing his knowledge while, ruffling a few feathers where appropriate.

The complex nature of the Structural Investigation Industry was crying out for someone with the drive, expertise and nature that Warren Thomas brought to the table.

Over the years of working with Henderson Thomas Associates, it was vital to showcase competence as a company in respect to the seriousness nature of many of the projects, however it also became clear that it was of vital importance to showcase the approachability of Warren Thomas.

Warren’s knowledge and experience placed him firmly at the top of his game in the UK, however if no-one knew that he was willing to share this knowledge then this would have been a missed opportunity.

This was our primary aim across all endeavours and it has reaped rewards; taking the company from a sub million turnover when I began with Henderson Thomas Associates to a multi million pound turnover was both rewarding and enjoyable.

In our industry it is our duty to share knowledge.

As we are in the life saving business, not merely the structural engineering business.

– Warren Thomas – 

Sharing Knowledge is Vital

Learning from Structural Failures.

The first event HTA held was in 2019 at Mayfair London, at the Royal Institution bringing leading experts and technology developers together to share their experiences and future plans.

In 2020 HTA headed to The Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh, to offer the same experience in Scotland. The end result? More awareness, more business and collaboration with those positively affecting the civil engineering industry.

Primary Services Undertaken.

Websites, Digital Marketing, SEO, Magazine Articles, Copywriting, Events, PR & Media, Video, Graphic Design, Business Planning, Conflict Resolution, Consultancy & Executive Coaching


Personal Brand Management

Be seen how you want to be viewed!

What we believe is not the priority. It is the beliefs of those we are looking to influence which matter most.

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Marketing and Promotion

Stop Reinventing and start Relating!

Clients are not value signs to be hunted down, they are people living complex lives. Market with this in mind.

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Consultancy and Advice

Win without losing what's important!

Rise above the chaos of communication breakdown with awareness & management of your own triggers & bias.

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Executive Coaching

Move beyond surface level distractions!

Intelligent decision making comes from understanding how to give others what they need without giving all of ourself.

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Warren Thomas - Beyond the Chaos - Case Study

I have worked with Jon for over 10 years where his expertise on business promotion and strategy helped put HTA firmly on the map.

His willingness to work along side me and my aims has resulted in revenue in 6 figures being easily attributed to his efforts and made our promotion far more enjoyable than I thought it could be!

His insights on how people think, I believe was very significant to the promotional and marketing success of HTA. Highly recommendable!

By all means contact me for a reference – warren@hendersonthomas.co.uk

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