Design is a matter of taste, content is a matter of connection.

Changing your Marketing Team is often unnecessary.

Simply wrapping their existing skills with a Human Behaviour focus can make all the difference.

Understanding why people do what they do enables us to market more effectively and influence more successfully.

If we do not know how our audience thinks, why they think the way they do and perhaps more importantly, have an awareness that our own ego and assumptions always colour our approach, then promotional efforts are often at the mercy of luck and accidental good timing. Which is expensive and unnecessary.

Human behaviour awareness is not complicated and it enables everyone to take their marketing to the next level. Here is a good quality control question for you to get started with today. Before any marketing efforts become public, ask yourself or your team:

“is what we are creating or about to physically do, going to draw our audience towards us or push them away?”

This is a great quality control question, as it is audience belief system based. however, ensure your answer is not merely ‘yes’.

NB positive engagement is not automatic. You will already be fully aware that the mere deployment of websites, social media, and other online or offline activities does not guarantee success, no matter the genuine effort or expense.

The missing element is often the lack of human behavioural insight; not what people do, but why they do it. This understanding is second nature for many people, others need a little guidance, however, human nature & behaviour focus applied across marketing creatives and personal interactions will result in potential clients being compelled to look upon your business offerings and you or your representatives far more favourably.

Customers are not value signs to be hunted down.

They are people living complex lives.

Nobody appreciates being a statistic.

Improve the following with Beyond the Chaos.

websites, social media, promotional activities & personal interactions

Marketing Consultancy

Discover. Report. Act.
Marketing Consultancy - Beyond the Chaos

We discuss and review the marketing areas you believe require addressing. From here a report can be provided highlighting the works required which can be carried out in-house or by a 3rd party.

“When we understand why people do what they do, we can market more effectively and influence more elegantly”

Team Workshops

Maximise & Align Skillsets
Team Workshops - Beyond the Chaos

Take greater advantage of your marketing team’s existing skills, ideas & input with a collective re-focus biased towards the human behavioural needs of your audience.

“Move beyond relentless marketing trends by understanding and applying the fundamentals of Human Behaviour”

Focus Program

Planned Marketing & Support
A Focussed Program - Beyond the Chaos

Get ahead of the competition by understanding how people are motivated. Working with you, we ensure efforts encapsulate biases not just marketing trends.

“Is what I am creating, saying or doing, going to pull my clients towards me or make them take a step away from me?”

Warren Thomas - Beyond the Chaos - Case Study


I have worked with Jon for over 10 years where his expertise on business promotion and strategy helped put HTA firmly on the map.

His willingness to work along side me and my aims has resulted in revenue in 6 figures being easily attributed to his efforts and made our promotion far more enjoyable than I thought it could be!

His insights on how people think, I believe was very significant to the promotional and marketing success of HTA. Highly recommendable!

By all means contact me for a reference – warren@hendersonthomas.co.uk

Let’s begin…

with a chat about where you are wanting to gain the upper hand, the concept is not difficult, the results are dependable, the application is straight forward and more importantly it will all feel very natural.

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